C3® International, Inc. Commissions Industrial-Scale Custom Extraction Laboratory from ENTEXS

Sacramento, CA, October 20, 2020 — ENTEXS, a Sacramento-based manufacturer of hemp and cannabis extraction technologies, has announced its latest sales agreement with C3® International, Inc of Garden Grove, CA. C3® is the developer and producer of Idrasil™, a breakthrough pharmaceutical grade pain medication that is available by prescription only and is major insurance reimbursable, in CA. Idrasil is the first pharmaceutical, prescription cannabis product, in the U.S. and is initially available, in limited quantity, only in CA. To meet FDA, cGMP standards required for pharmaceutical production of Idrasil, C3 selected ENTEXS to design, build and scale up the extraction lab in their new, state-of-the-art facility in Cathedral City, CA. ENTEXS is a full-service extraction solution provider, with in-house fabrication, engineering, automation, manufacturing and on-site construction expertise, with technical support. This unique and comprehensive set of capabilities makes ENTEXS the ideal partner for this unique project that is disruptive to the U.S. Pain Market, worth $2Bn, annually. C3 is established, respected and well-known within the cannabis industry as the first to develop a medicinal cannabis, prescription tablet that is major insurance reimbursable and meets the strict, U.S, FDA pharmaceutical compliance requirements,” comments, ENTEXS CEO, Ali Rashid. “We are honored that ENTEXS was chosen to be a part of this mission, and we are excited to build this fully automated, custom engineered processing solution” “It’s always a Win-Win situation when two emerging Fortune 500 Companies partner their technologies to provide beneficial and positive outcomes, for the medical and patient communities” says Steele C. Smith, III, CEO of C3.   ENTEXS Media Relations (888) 960-ENTX (888) 960-3689 info@entexs.com C3® Media Relations (855) 437-2745 T/F (855) 437-2779 Fax PatientServices@C3InternationalInc.com